Our Teacher

You will feel the love

Jenny feels fortunate to have travelled all over the world and brings an international flavour to the classroom. She is a mother of 3 and a grandma of 1. She loves children, travelling , camping , animals, being earth friendly, nature , reading, walking, the outdoors in summer, gardening and spending time with family and friends.

Who is Miss Jenny?

Miss Jenny has been our teacher since 2010. She comes to us with 35 years experience as an Educator in preschool and Grades 1, 2, and 3. Jenny was born in Zimbabwe, Africa and has lived and taught in Canada for the past 25 years.


Children are my passion ! I believe totally that little people learn best through meaningful play , and fun, active, engaging activities ! You will never see my little preschoolers sitting completing work sheets …. they have plenty of years ahead of them to do that. Rather we do exercises and modified yoga , movement to music and drama, songs and poems , and games with all sorts of gym equipment. Children cannot develop good fine motor skills for printing and cutting, if their gross motor skills are lacking !

Of course there are always a huge variety of centers and activities for hands on exploration and developing fine motor skills. Letters and numbers too, are a part of every day, but introduced in fun, age- appropriate ways so that learning is never a bore or a chore!

Through a variety of themes I love to broaden horizons by introducing new and exciting things .Some of my favourite themes include AFRICA, THE OCEAN, OUTER SPACE AND BUGS. We always seem to have a blast whether we are walking like elephants, pounding African drums, building a lizard habitat, singing like sea lions, examining exotic artifacts or flying off for a picnic on the moon . What a joy to be a part of developing a love of learning and helping stimulate young imaginations . The themes also offer an opportunity to introduce heaps of new concepts and vocabulary . No day of preschool is complete without a wonderful story – usually relevant to the current theme.

An occupied and engaged child is a happy child. I believe that if there is enough to do, that appeals to the wide range of abilities and interests , that there will be little – if any conflict or misbehaviour. I promote wonderful manners, sharing, taking turns, waiting patiently and saying sorry . Children LOVE it, especially when praised for doing a great job at being a good and considerate friend to others!