The world is not big enough

Allowing our children to engage in play is one of the most important forms of learning that exist.

The things we do best


We are focused on helping your child prepare for the next step in their education.


Children love to learn through play. Our programs encourage fun, educational learning. 


You child will make friends and plenty of memories with
Dunluce Preschool.

Sing & Dance

Through movement and song, the children can enhance their motor skills and stay active!

Word on the street

Our parents want you to know what they liked about being part of our preschool community.

A great place for little minds to grow! Miss Jenny truly fosters the development of each child. Class is filled with fun and new experiences.

Amy M.
Such an amazing environment to encourage young ones to grow! My daughter has attended Dunluce Preschool for 2 years, she has developed great friendships and love for learning. Definitely a great step prior to Kindergarten!
Liz B.

Fabulous school, amazing teacher.  Great sense of community.  A wonderful way for children to begin their educational journey!

Rondy K.



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We look forward to seeing you and your little ones!