Our Philosophy & Beliefs

Dunluce Preschool operates in full compliance with the Early Learning Child Care Act (Government of Alberta). We believe that children learn best through PLAY. Play is a child’s work and this is the way that each child makes sense of the world.

We are deeply committed to provide a FUN, safe and secure environment where each child’s development is supported and preserved. We fully embrace that we have a huge diversity of backgrounds. Each family is beautifully unique with different familial, cultural, Indiginous, social, linguistic and spiritual heritage, which we fully respect and celebrate.

We work hard to provide a huge variety of activities that meet the stage of each child on their individual journey. We are deeply committed to providing a positive environment that provides meaningful opportunities for growth in each child’s social, emotional, intellectual and physical development.

We are a Community Preschool and invite parents to be fully involved and invested in the quality of our program. We believe that a fulfilled child is a happy child. Our belief is that each child is a gift, full of potential to be successful in all aspects of life, and we encourage them on their learning journey every step of the way.